Information event on the SKACH programme

The SKA is the next-generation radio astronomy facility composed by one observatory, operating two telescopes, on three continents for the global scientific community. It will be the largest scientific facility built by humankind. The SKA Switzerland Consortium (SKACH) is leaded by EPFL and put together nine Swiss academic institution including the HES-SO which is today mainly involved in the SKA construction. This is a two-parts event organized by the HES-SO with the support of EPFL and SKACH org.

Part I: SKACH offer a wide range of challenging activities ranging from instrument development to data science. Learn about the specificities of the growing community and discover the opportunities it can offer.

Part II: After the presentation, you will have the opportunity to present yourself and pitch your skills/projects related to the topic in 3 minutes! (ppt template will be made available for the participants.)

This event is free of charge, but registration is compulsory. 

Place and time

Room A2, HES-SO Master, Avenue de Provence 12 Lausanne

06.09.2022 from 16h to 18h


16h Welcome
16h10 Overview of the SKAO and the SKACH
16h30 The SKACH work plan and organization
16h45 The WP Data science and simulation
17h The HES-SO in SKACH
17h15 Time for action : Pitches, participants present themselves
18h End of event and apero



HES-SO Master localisation

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