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Master of Science HES-SO in Life Sciences

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The Master of Science HES-SO in Life Sciences is a consecutive Master program with specializations in biotechnology, chemistry, natural resource management, and viticulture & enology. It is designed for highly motivated students whom strive to improve their career perspectives. The practical relevance and applied positioning of the Master MLS prepares successful graduates to work in positions with high responsibility for companies, non-governmental organisations as well as public administrations in the field of Life Sciences.

The Master MLS offers a well-balanced curriculum accompanied with advanced specialization courses for each chosen major. These courses include business, management and data handling to master the challenges demanded from tomorrow’s job market, and the Master thesis as independent applied research project. The program promotes critically reflection, assisting graduates in their further development throughout their professional careers.

The cooperation with BFH, FHNW and ZHAW offers students the unique opportunity to exchange their professional experiences and expand their personal networks within the entire Life Science community.

The curriculum is divided into 3 blocks:

Modalités de formation et coûts

3 semesters (full time)
5 semesters (part time)
Taxe d'inscription
CHF 150 Bank details
CHF 500/semester (tuition fees)
CHF 250/semester (study costs)
The study programme begins in calendar week 38



Perspectives professionnelles

The Master of Science HES-SO in Life Sciences is internationally recognised.

Master graduates will be able to occupy leadership positions in national and international companies as well as in government agencies and non-governmental organizations.

They are heading teams and manage interdisciplinary projects in:

  • Research & Development
  • Quality Management
  • Marketing and Business Managment

Head of the Master Life Sciences
Dr Roger Marti

HES-SO Master
Avenue de Provence 6

CH-1007 Lausanne

T + 41 58 900 00 02


T +41 58 900 01 10
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Information for foreign


    • 30 avril 2019
  • Pour les personnes ayant besoin d'un visa: 15 mars 2019.
    Passé cette date, seuls les dossiers complets seront pris en considération.

    HES-SO Rectorat
    Route de Moutier 14
    2800 - Delémont
    T +41 58 900 00 00 - F +41 58 900 00 01
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