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Ageing population is growing faster in EU. ICT can provide solutions for Active Ageing, however the success of novel ICT solutions depends on the user perception about their efficacy to support toward health promotion and global wellness.

NESTORE - Novel Empowering Solutions and Technologies for Older people to Retain Everyday life activities

NESTORE will develop an innovative, multi-dimensional, personalized coaching system to support healthy ageing by:

  1. 1) Generating and sustaining motivation to take care of health;
  2. 2) Suggesting healthy nutrition and personalized physical and mental coach, as well as social interaction, to prevent decline and preserve wellbeing.

The main concept is to develop NESTORE as a friend and a coach able to support both the individual and the social dimension. The friend NESTORE understands the emotional status of the user; the coach NESTORE understands the “weaknesses” of the user and proposes actions and activities that improve and maintain wellbeing. Key innovation element in NESTORE is the design of “pathways of interest” able to provide hints and services according to the user’s preferences, while ensuring that the overall wellbeing and health status is maximised.

NESTORE leverages on novel ICT technologies:

  1. 1) multi-domain unobtrusive monitoring system, including wearable and environmental sensors and tangible objects,
  2. 2) intelligent Decision Support System, to analyse the seniors’ behaviour and provide personalized targets toward wellbeing
  3. 3) active coaching, developed as conversational agent, embodied in a physical companion that assumes different forms, able to establish affective communication through multimodal communication channels and to engage older people with personalized coaching activities in a single or multiple domains.

Methodological strengths of our approach are:

  1. 1) co-design research adopted throughout the project
  2. 2) thorough system validation with respect to usability, acceptability and effectiveness 3) development of a sustainable ecosystem involving citizens and stakeholders for the co-production of wellness.