FreeNovation 2024 – A funding program of the Novartis Research Foundation

Publié le 15.01.2024. Mis à jour le 15.01.2024.

FreeNovation 2024: Can your project idea change biomedical research?

• From genetic associations to disease mechanisms

• New molecular insights in gender medicine

• To the roots: Mathematics to address biology

Deadline : March 16, 2024


Many scientific breakthroughs have occurred not because success was predictable, but thanks to the pioneering spirit of people who gave free rein to their creativity. But there is little room for free creativity and bold, untried ideas these days. This is why the Novartis Research Foundation (Novartis Forschungsstiftung) promotes offbeat project proposals with its FreeNovation program. It calls on researchers in Switzerland to submit proposals that are hard to fund by conventional programs.

This kind of research funding by a Swiss foundation is unique in the field of life sciences in Switzerland. With this program, the Novartis Research Foundation wants to encourage unconventional thinking and further enhance the attractiveness of Switzerland as a research location.

Submit your application by 16th March 2024!

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