Using technology towards a better humanitarian aid. The SMSer project.

Publié le 04.02.2019. Mis à jour le 20.05.2021.

This project aims to overcome one of the greatest difficulties in the management of medical supplies in humanitarian crises: the visibility of stocks and consumption of medical supplies at the last mile.


The project

will conceive, develop and test the implementation of a system for stock

management of medical supplies in remote dispensaries in Lebanon using

smartphones also offline or any other devices with Internet connection. The

final phase of the project will allow transferring the knowhow and the

experience acquired in Lebanon to other French-speaking countries. It will

focus on promoting local entrepreneurship to make system sustainable while empowering

the local communities and promoting the regional economy.


A Swiss-Lebanese partnership


The project

is a collaboration between three schools of the HES-SO (the School of

Management, the College of Engineering and the School of Health in Fribourg)

and the Saint-Joseph University in Beirut. It received funding from two

programmes of the HES-SO, “Entrepreneuriat et technologies appropriées” and the

Leading House MENA.


Important event in Beirut

A conference and three workshops were organised in Beirut in December 2018, co-funded by the Embassy of Switzerland in Lebanon and with the patronage of the Ministry of Social Affairs of Lebanon. At the end of these sessions, a new international working network has been founded for the MENA region and a first strategy for the replication of the SMSer experience in other countries has been defined. The next meeting of the network will be held in June 2019 at Hassan II University of Casablanca, Morocco.