EO4EU — Accessible Earth Observation Data to Combat Climate Change

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The Horizon Europe project EU4EU aims to facilitate access to and use of Earth observation data for environmental, governmental and commercial forecasts and operations.

Planet Earth with logo EO4EU

Vast amounts of data are produced each day and become available via various channels, significantly enhancing our lives. The EU-funded EO4EU project will focus on Earth observation (EO) data, aiming to make it accessible to a larger audience, from professionals to citizens. To that end, it will deliver a set of advanced tools and methods leveraging AI and the FAIR data principles that will bridge the gap between domain experts and end users, encouraging wider EO data exploitation. Serverless data processing will further boost the EO data market, allowing comprehensible information modelling for a broad range of data.

The EO4EU Platform, which will be available at www.eo4eu.eu, will connect already existing major EO data sources such as DestinE, GEOSS, INSPIRE, Copernicus, Galileo, among others and offer several tools and services to help users find and access the data they are interested in, as well as to analyse and visualise this data.

The platform will leverage machine learning to support handling of the characteristically-large volume of EO data as well as a combination of Cloud computing infrastructure and pre-exascale high-performance computing to manage processing workloads.

Specific attention is also given to developing user-friendly interfaces for EO4EU allowing users to intuitively use EO data freely and easily, even with the use of extended reality.

Potential applications, which are the subject of use cases, include disaster relief, pest control, soil erosion, forest ecosystem management, food safety and maritime traffic management.