Admissions to our Master's programmes

General entry routes

To be accepted for a Master’s course at the HES-SO, all applicants must hold an undergraduate degree (Bachelor’s degree or equivalent) obtained in a university with a programme recognised by the HES-SO at the end of a course lasting at least 3 years (at least 180 ECTS credits).

The type of Bachelor’s degree is examined in order to define whether it is vocational training or university training. In the latter case, additional professional experience will be required.

Additional conditions and/or qualifications, which vary according to the fields and the courses, are specified in the course regulations below.

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Students and graduates of a Swiss university are eligible according to the conditions provided for in the HES-SO Masters admission regulations (in French only) as well as according to the ordinance of the Higher Education Council (in French or German) on the coordination of the teaching in Swiss universities.

Holders of a foreign higher education diploma, whether general or vocational training, recognised as being the equivalent of a Bachelor’s degree are eligible under the same conditions as holders of Swiss qualifications.


The general terms and conditions applicable to admission to a HES-SO Master’s course are set out in the HES⁠-⁠SO Masters admission regulations (in French only).
The basic training regulations (in French only) set out the framework provisions relating to studies leading to Master’s degrees.

A specific regulation (in French only) has been published for the field of Music and Performing Arts.

The admission procedures specific to each course are specified in the course regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions

For any information in connection with the admission conditions, you can contact the school where you wish to take your Master’s course.


At the HES-SO, Master’s courses are organised either centrally with the HES-SO Master, or in a school.

HES-SO Master offers nine Masters in the fields of Engineering, Architecture, Economics, Health and Social Work.

The following schools also offer Masters’ courses:

  • ECAL: MA Visual Arts, MA Cinema, MA Design
  • HEAD: MA Interior Architecture, MA Visual Arts, MA Cinema, MA Design
  • EDHEA: MA Visual Arts
  • HE-Arc Conservation-restoration: MA Conservation-restoration
  • HEM-GE: MA Composition and Music Theory, MA Musical Interpretation, MA Specialised Musical Interpretation, MA Music Pedagogy, MA Ethnomusicology (with UNIGE and UNINE)
  • HEMU: MA Composition and Music Theory, MA Musical Interpretation, MA Specialised Musical Interpretation, MA Music Pedagogy
  • La Manufacture : MA Theatre
  • HEG-GE: MSc Information Science
  • EHL: MSc Global Hospitality Business, MSc Wine and Hospitality Management
  • HETS-GE: MSc Psychomotricity
  • HEdS-FR: MSc Osteopathy

You can consult the admission service of the school in which you wish to take your Master’s degree.


The application must be made within the deadlines indicated in the brochure below.


Yes, work experience (EMT) is required for admission to a HES-SO Master’s course if the access qualifications do not come from the HES profile. The required work experience is specified in the Master’s course regulations (in French only).


Yes, in some cases, admission is subject to an entry exam for courses in the following two fields:

Yes, the HES-SO offers the Validation of Prior Experience (VPE) procedure for certain fields and courses.

This procedure makes it possible to validate ECTS credits by taking into account active years (training, professional and extra-professional experience), so reducing the length of the course for adults resuming studies.

Applicants for a VPE procedure must meet certain conditions.



Art & Design

Business, Management and Services

Engineering & Architecture

Music and Performing Arts

Health Sciences

Social Work