Master's admissions and regulations

To apply for a HES-SO Master's programme, you must hold an undergraduate degree (Bachelor's degree or equivalent) from a university programme that is recognised by HES-SO and lasted at least three years (no fewer than 180 ECTS credits).

If you have a university degree rather than a vocational degree, additional professional experience will be required.

See the regulations listed below for other requirements you may have to fulfil – including additional qualifications you may need – in order to gain admission to specific fields of study.

The general admission requirements for Master's courses at HES-SO are set out in the regulations governing admission to HES-SO Master's programmes(in French only).

The regulations governing basic university training (in French only) describes the studies you are required to complete to obtain a Master’s degree.

Specific regulations apply for Music and Performing Arts.

To apply for a Master's programme, please visit the website of the school in question:


Art & Design

Business, Management and Services

Engineering & Architecture

Music and Performing Arts

Health Sciences

Social Work