Business in Eurasia major

Why choose this major?

"The Eurasian markets represent great economic potential for Swiss and foreign companies, but they are also heterogeneous and marked by a cultural context that is very different than our own. The "Business in Eurasia" major is the only Swiss training opportunity, at the Master of Science level, that imparts the skills and practical know-how needed to succeed in these demanding and dynamic markets. The practical and cultural immersion will be done through projects for real companies and courses that are taught by experts and that will take place partly in Eurasia."

Lukas Baschung, Head of the major

In this major, students learn to:

  • Analyse the development potential of Swiss and foreign companies in the Eurasian market
  • Develop a development strategy for Swiss or foreign companies, considering the resources available within the company and the specific socio-economic, political and cultural context of the target market
  • Master the principal specificities of the Eurasian markets, especially China and Russian-speaking Area (Caucasian and Central Asian countries), in terms of legal framework, supply chain and business digitalization
  • Perform adequate cross-cultural management and communicate in appropriate Business English
  • Master the basic notions of Mandarin or Russian for first contacts with business partners. 

Special features

The major offers:

  • A program taught entirely in English
  • A team of professors specialised in Eurasian markets
  • Modules and projects taking place in Neuchâtel and course blocks abroad
  • Courses in Mandarin or Russian 
  • Concrete projects for real companies
  • Possibility of carrying out master's thesis in Switzerland or Eurasia

Two course blocks will take place in Eurasia (each lasting two weeks). Part of the cost of flights in connection with the two block courses (CHF 650.- in total) is borne by the students.