FreeNovation 2019 Call for Proposals

Publié le 13.02.2019. Mis à jour le 26.04.2021.

FreeNovation provides funding opportunities for unconventional, radical projects that have the potential to open up novel research directions and aim beyond incremental innovation and discovery. This year, FreeNovation focuses on Systems Medicine: From molecule to phenotype and to better therapies.

Proposals need to be particularly original and hard to fund by conventional funding programs due to the "unorthodox" character of the idea or absence of a long-standing academic reputation held by the researchers. Projects should be relevant to biomedical research with an ultimate aim to provide innovative healthcare solutions for patients. However, proposals must be unrelated to a business relationship with Novartis.

Grants are for a period of 18 months and up to a maximum of CHF 180'000.

Detailed information is available on the Novartis website.

Deadline fo submission is 14 April 2019.