DesignPlus: program of Gebert Ruf foundation for research&innovation in design

Publié le 28.03.2017. Mis à jour le 05.05.2021.

Gebert Rüf Stiftung supports innovative projects at Swiss institutions of higher education which succeed in combining design with application-oriented technology, research and educational practice.

The objective of the “DesignPlus” area of activity is to reinforce the importance of incorporating design knowledge and methods as an integral part of specialist scientists’ work as early as possible. The support is aimed at researchers and teachers in the fields of technology and life sciences as well as training who believe that an interdisciplinary exchange with designers will provide added value. They must be willing to enter into a dialogue between equals.

Grants in this area of activity will be directed at application-oriented R&D and educational projects in which design – from conception to implementation – is central and not merely an add-on.

The finance takes the form of complementary funding that specifically enables cooperation between scientists and designers with all the related budget implications. Small projects with a short duration and a budget of up to CHF 50,000 will be considered alongside larger projects extending over two to three years and with funding requirements of up to CHF 300,000. The area of activity includes neither design theory nor disciplinary basic design research.

Project submissions:

Projects may be submitted to Gebert Rüf Stiftung by one of the quarterly deadlines in accordance with the general requirements.

The submission procedure has two stages.


Project proposal (first evaluation level)

    December 1st (decision early of February);

    February 1st (decision early of May);

    May 1st (decision early of July);

    September 1st (decision early of November).

Project application (second evaluation level)

    December 1st (decision early of February);

    March 1st (decision early of May);

    May 15 (decision early of July);

    September 1st (decision early of November).

Link: DesignPlus de Gebert Rüf Stiftung