HES-SO is appalled and deeply saddened by the conflict in Ukraine. It wishes to demonstrate its solidarity with all those who are permanently affected by the war and provide support in line with its academic missions and values.

HES-SO has reviewed its measures to facilitate the rapid resumption of studies with travel status for people with S protection status. At the start of the 2022 academic year, it is also adapting its measures for students from Ukraine wishing to begin or complete their training in Switzerland. HES-SO also encourages students and future students from Ukraine to use the INVOST pathway for courses where this is available.


Useful information

HES-SO finds the consequences of the war in Ukraine on the entire student community unacceptable, regardless of any nationality criteria, particularly for students directly affected by the conflict.

Students currently registered with HES-SO

Our universities have set up support specifically for students affected by the conflict. If you need personalised support or psychological support, you can contact your university directly.

Students wishing to join HES-SO

HES-SO has adopted measures allowing students registered with Ukrainian universities to join our courses in the very short term. For the start of the 2022 academic year, a series of measures will be implemented to facilitate the admission of students whose course has been interrupted due to the war. The conditions for accessing HES-SO courses are as follows:

  • Be enrolled in a recognised Ukrainian higher education institution and be training in a comparable field of study.
  • Hold an S permit.

There are also pathways for refugees at HES-SO for certain courses and in certain universities (information available on this page).

For further information, those concerned are asked to contact the HES-SO universities directly

HES-SO is involved in the Scholars at Risk network, which makes arrangements for researchers.

If you wish to take an act of solidarity with Ukraine, you can make a donation to registered charities, such as the Red Cross and Swiss Solidarity.

To welcome a refugee into your home, you can contact OSAR.