The team must build a CanSat and program it to accomplish the following compulsory primary mission: after release and during descent, the CanSat shall measure the following parameters:

  • Air temperature
  • Air pressure

The secondary mission of the CanSat must be selected by the team. Teams can take ideas from real satellite missions (for example see ESA’s missions), some example secondary missions:

  • Advanced telemetry (GPS location, Radiation levels, Acceleration)
  • Telecommand
  • Landing system
  • Control mechanism (land on a fixed-point target)


Date Event
End of November 2023 Registration deadline
Beginning of December 2023 Announcement to selected teams
Beginning of December 2023 Teacher workshop
January 2024 Preliminary Design Review
March 2024 Critical Design Review
April 2024 Final Review
End of April 2024 Launch
Beginning of May 2024 Presentation to jury
Mid-May 2024 Announcement of the winner/Ceremony
20-21 June 2024 ESA event


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