Event Time: 9h30-10h30 and 17h-18h
Online on Teams

Do you want to know more about the SwissCanSat? This event gives an overview of the SwissCanSat competition, offers the possibility to meet the experts, and to learn from hands-on experience.

Target audience: Professors from secondary degree who might be interested in participating with their students in the Swiss Can Sat competition.

The participants should declare their interest by sending an email to swisscansat@hes‑ and they will receive an email with the link to join the meeting. The webinar is of course free of charge.


WhatMorning session
Afternoon session
WelcomePiero Pontelandolfo HEPIAAlberto Dassatti, HEIG-VDIntroduction and event goal
The Swiss can Sat, 1st competitionFrançois Corthay HES-SO Valais-Wallis - HEIMarco Mazza, HEIA-FRDescription of the competition
Invited testimonial Matteo Mozzini Scuola d'arti e mestieri di BellinzonarecordedHands-on experience
Wrap-up and end of the eventPiero Pontelandolfo HEPIAAlberto Dassatti, HEIG-VDCalendar, next steps and conclusions



The team must build a CanSat and program it to accomplish the following compulsory primary mission: after release and during descent, the CanSat shall measure the following parameters:

  • Air temperature
  • Air pressure

The secondary mission of the CanSat must be selected by the team. Teams can take ideas from real satellite missions (for example see ESA’s missions), some example secondary missions:

  1. Advanced telemetry (GPS location, Radiation levels, Acceleration)
  2. Telecommand
  3. Landing system
  4. Control mechanism (land on a fixed-point target)

Documents and applications

Submit your application before October 1st, 2021!

Supporting learning material


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If you are thinking of building a CanSat, feel free to contact us for some help in getting started!

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