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Summer Academy

The Summer Academy is an immersion program organized in collaboration with Proakatemia, an entrepreneurship unit at Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK), with an excellent reputation in the field of innovation. This program offers students the opportunity to discover the societal and economic issues of Northern Europe, while promoting encounters and exchanges between the Finnish∙es and Swiss students who took part in this event. Students were divided into interdisciplinary and intercultural groups to respond to challenges assigned by local organizations, using the methodologies studied during their first year of training.

In addition to practical projects, students visited the Tampere and Rovaniemi innovation ecosystems and took part in conferences on entrepreneurship. They also ran a workshop on innovation processes with TAMK Bachelor students. Finally, the students also took part in cultural visits, such as a tour of the nature reserves around Lake Vesijärvi and a visit to Arktikum, the museum of Lapland history. 

What's more, they were able to discover Finnish student life and culture through contact with their colleagues, particularly during the meals they shared during their stay.

This program takes place between semesters 2 and 3, in Tampere and Rovaniemi, Finland.

The aims of the Summer Academy are to :

  • develop critical thinking skills and the ability to take a step back, to tackle complex situations in a globalised and fast-changing world
  • grasp and understand how innovation works in Nord Europe’s sociocultural and economic environment
  • develop students’ theoretical understanding by exploring new ways of working and refine their operational skills
  • encourage student mobility by prompting them to think about cultural differences and preparing them to become global citizens
  • increase the visibility of the Innokick Master’s internationally and as a result, the quality of teaching at HES-SO Master
  • promote the Innokick innovation process.