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Summer Academy

Students have had the opportunity to spend almost 10 days in China since the launch of the Innokick Master’s in 2015, taking them on a journey to the heart of innovation made in China. The trip has been designed as an immersive programme organised in conjunction with two universities in the region: ShanghaiTech University - STU (since 2016) and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology - HKUST (since 2018).

The aims of the Summer Academy are to :

  • develop critical thinking skills and the ability to take a step back, to tackle complex situations in a globalised and fast-changing world
  • grasp and understand how innovation works in Asia’s sociocultural and economic environment
  • develop students’ theoretical understanding by exploring new ways of working and refine their operational skills
  • encourage student mobility by prompting them to think about cultural differences and preparing them to become global citizens
  • increase the visibility of the Innokick Master’s internationally and as a result, the quality of teaching at HES-SO Master
  • promote the Innokick innovation process.

Summer Academy blog