HES-SO account

Your account allows you to access HES-SO IT resources. Your username and password have been sent to your private email. If you haven't received this information, please contact informatique.master(at)hes-so.ch

The username is comprised of the first 8 characters of your first name, followed by a period (.), and then the first 8 characters of your last name.

You are required to change your password every 12 months. Instructions will be sent to you via email. If you have any questions, please contact informatique.master(at)hes-so.ch


HES-SO provides e-learning platforms where, for certain modules, you can upload documents, exams, and more. It is also possible to participate in forums.

Cyberlearn (Moodle)

Log in with your edu-ID username and password:

Some modules require an access key, which will be provided directly by the instructors during their classes.

Moodle (for the MSE)

App Pocket HES

HES-SO Master provides students with an application to facilitate their academic life. It's called PocketHES and is available for both Android and Apple smartphones and tablets. With just a few clicks, you can access a wealth of information relevant to your studies on your smartphone, including your schedule, course materials, semester certificates, and your results. Developed in collaboration with HES-SO, this application aims to simplify student life.

For more information and to download the app, click here >>>


For the duration of your studies (students) or contract (teachers), we provide you with an institutional Outlook email address: firstname.lastname(at)master.hes-so.ch

All HES-SO Master communications are sent to this address only. Please make sure to regularly check this email inbox.

Be sure to consistently delete unnecessary messages (1GB quota available). To access your emails via webmail:

You can check your emails on the internet using webmail: https://outlook.office365.com

To log in:

*The HES-SO identifier consists of the first 8 characters of your first name, followed by a period (.), and then the first 8 characters of your last name, followed by @hes-so.ch. Example: xxxx.yyyy(at)hes-so.ch. (This HES-SO identifier(at)hes-so.ch is only used for email login)

Please see the procedure for logging into your email.

*The HES-SO identifier is composed of the first 8 characters of your first name, followed by a period (.), and then the first 8 characters of your last name, followed by @hes-so.ch. Example: xxxx.yyyy(at)hes-so.ch. (This HES-SO identifier(at)hes-so.ch is used exclusively for logging into the email system.)

See the procedure to connect to your email

Email forwarding:

It is possible to forward your emails to another email account. You can find the procedure below.


We provide a student⸱s and teacher⸱s portal. To log in, you should use your edu-ID account.

The student⸱s portal allows you to download enrollment certificates each semester or report a change of address. Depending on your program, you can also enroll in courses, check (and export) your schedule, download your transcripts, or complete course evaluations.

The teacher⸱s portal allows you to generate attendance lists for courses and enter grades.

Log in to IS-Academia (ISA):

  1. Access IS-Academia: https://age.hes-so.ch
  2. Click on "Login"
  3. Enter your edu-ID login and edu-ID password, and check "Remember my choice for this session."
  4. Click the "Login" button


You have access to Office 365 for free during the duration of your studies or contract.

Additionally, various free Microsoft software is also available through Microsoft Azure.

Students can also benefit from discounts on Adobe Creative Cloud programs (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.).

To take advantage of this offer, go here and log in with your switch AAI account. More information on the procedure can be found here.

Any questions regarding this? Check the FAQ.


Hardware: For all HES-SO Master programmes, students must have a laptop computer. For students who do not have one, we recommend the models available here.

You can take advantage of preferential purchase conditions through the Poséidon project. More information.

For any questions, contact: informatique.master(at)hes-so.ch

Printing system

The HES-SO Master spaces have multiple printers for printing and scanning your documents.

Students have a quota of 1000 Black and White prints (pages) per year (non-refundable).

Price per copy/print:

  • Black and White: 10 cents (1 credit)
  • Color: 20 cents (2 credits)
    • 1 A3 Black and White print = 2 A4 Black and White prints
    • 1 A3 Color print = 6 A4 Black and White prints
    • 1 A4 Color print = 3 A4 Black and White prints

When your credit is fully utilized, you need to top it up using the device located in the lobby of Building A, Avenue de Provence 6.

After initiating a print job, you must place your HES-SO card on the printer's card reader to identify yourself and release the printed document.

You can print from the printer using a USB drive. Detailed instructions can be found on the devices. Only the following formats are accepted: PDF, Txt, Tif, Jpg.

If you encounter issues with PDF printing using USB drives on Canon printers, please follow this procedure.

Please note that this system only works for the use of printers provided within the HES-SO Master facilities. For classes located at other HES-SO sites, you should refer to the rules applicable at those sites.


Courses in co-modal or remote mode are conducted using the Microsoft Teams tool.

User ID: login.AAI(at)hes-so.ch Password: your AAI account password

You can use the online version here: https://teams.microsoft.com/

You can also install the software. To download it: https://teams.microsoft.com/downloads

Various technical support materials for using Teams, as well as a "Tip & Tricks: How to Study Remotely" tutorial, are available on Cyberlearn (Moodle).


You can use the VPN provided by Switch Connect for secure browsing and access to specific tools. However, you cannot use it when you are in the HES-SO Master premises.

To connect to the VPN, first connect your computer to the Wi-Fi and then start your VPN and log in with your AAI account.


The Eduroam Wi-Fi network is available in HES-SO Master premises as well as in all HES-SO universities, as well as in universities throughout Switzerland and worldwide