Degree awarded

Bachelor of Science HES-SO in Tourism


The BSc HES-SO in Tourism course is organised over 6 semesters, comprising 5 semesters of teaching followed by a semester of practical experience, which also includes the completion of a Bachelor's thesis. During the first 4 semesters, the course covers the fundamental aspects of tourism:

  • The tourism economy and industry: the bases of tourism, national and international tourism.
  • Management and finance in tourism: organisation, accounting, project management, HR.
  • Marketing: marketing approaches, CRM, product life cycles.
  • Communication: communication, tourism geography, ethics.
  • Languages: French, German, English as well as optional languages such as Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Italian or Arabic.

During the fifth semester students are able to specialise in certain options offered by the school such as Sports and Health Tourism, Business and Cultural Tourism, Destination Management, and E-Tourism.

The course ends with a sixth semester involving a work experience placement in an enterprise, where students are initiated into the world of tourism professionals while benefiting from academic supervision provided by the school. During this last semester they also produce a Bachelor's thesis to complete their studies.

Distribution of ECTS throughout the course

 Camembert Bachelor Tourisme
The tourism economy and industry 13%
Tourism management and finances 13% 
Marketing 13%
Communication 12%
Languages 13%
Options & innovation 19%
Work experience and Bachelor's thesis 17%


Course organisation and fees

ECTS Credits
6 semesters, the last of which takes the form of a work placement together with a Bachelor's thesis
French, German and English
Registration fees
CHF 150
CHF 500 per semester (tuition fees)
A contribution to course fees may be charged. This varies depending on the school. Please enquire with the relevant admissions department.
The bachelor's degree course begins in calendar week 38

Professional prospects

Holders of the Bachelor of Science HES-SO in Tourism are likely to work in the management or promotion of:

  • tourist destinations
  • operational enterprises (travel agencies, tour operators)
  • accommodation (property management, hotels)
  • transport enterprises (mechanical lifts, rail, road, airlines)
  • event organisers (congress centres, cultural management, sports management).

For additional information on the conditions of admission and registration, please contact the school where you wish to study.

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