Local Community Empowerment Through Smart Host-Guest Relationship


This project intends to support the design and development of a smart host-guest relationship tool, which will be deployed and tested in rural Lebanese communities.

These communities harbor a natural and cultural heritage – which has been already indexed and geo-referenced by one of the partners Daskara - that could foster national and international visitation. The smart host-guest relationship tool will support local development and will empower community dwellers.

Tourism has the potential to contribute, directly or indirectly, to all the 17 Sustainable Development and this project leverages tourism to act on key SDGs including inclusive and sustainable economic growth and decent work conditions, poverty and hunger alleviation, gender equality (with most small hospitality initiative lead by women), and sustainable (cities and) communities.

The project is designed to create an international research group with different expertise able to codesign a smart host-guest relationship tool with booking functionalities. The objective of the partnership is not to impose a given technological solution to the community; on the contrary partners will engage as much as possible with the Daskara Communities to design the most appropriate technological solution both in terms of interaction and customization but also – and more importantly – in terms of actual digital tools. The instrument impact will also be tested to advance the understanding of technology usage and management by these communities. The project will ultimately foster entrepreneurship in both ends of the chain: Daskara could finally fine tune its business model and at the same time, micro and small local entrepreneurs will be enabled to sell night stay and experiences.