Les étudiant-e-s du MATS publient dans REISO

Adamastor Dos Santos Solène

Radiological Medical Imaging Technology major

This study is an evaluation of the BOLD CO2 signal acquired in functional MRI and used to estimate cerebrovascular reserve. Examination is indicated when planning revascularisation surgery in the context of vascular lesions caused by Moyamoya disease.

Adamopoulou Argyro

Orientation Nutrition et diététique

Exploring the relationship between nutritional knowledge, eating behaviors and body image in young women 
Living in a society where body dissatisfaction is very prominent, young women are highly affected by eating disturbances. Yet, how nutritional knowledge is related to different eating behaviors and body dissatisfaction in a non-clinical environment is unexplored. 

Al-Musibli Azal et Cagdas Onur

Radiological Medical Imaging Technology major

Artificial intelligence in osteoarticular imaging: the role of the medical radiology technician?
Medical radiology technicians use a range of Computer-Aided Diagnosis (CAD) systems. These have improved considerably over time, thanks to Deep Learning (DL) and Big Data. The “artificial intelligence (AI) revolution” is disrupting the world of radiology.

Borloz Sylvie

Nutrition and Dietetics major

Observation of food intake among obese adolescents aged 12 to 14 and their parents’ educational style using a mobile application
Obesity is caused by multiple factors; treatment of obesity focuses on lifestyle, and in particular eating a balanced diet. There is a lack of data in Switzerland on the quality of obese adolescents’ diets and their parents’ educational style in relation to food, which may influence their eating habits.

Delacoste Eloïse

Orientation Technique en radiologie médicale

The main purpose of this retrospective study was to evaluate inter-software variability in patients affected of a high-grade glioma for the post-processing of dynamic susceptibility contrast (DSC) perfusion imaging in MRI.