SME Entrepreneurship Forum

Economie et Services Thursday 27 June 2024

The Geneva/Fribourg SME and Entrepreneurship Forum will reunite the academic and entrepreneurial world. The School of Management in Fribourg, Switzerland will be the host, and this Forum will take place from June 27th to June 28th, 2024.

HEG-FR, an institution with a strong entrepreneurship, SMEs, and sustainability orientation, has the pleasure to organize an international platform to engage with a dynamic ecosystem encompassing entrepreneurs, policymakers, academics, and future generations. The conference is designed to foster dialogue, foster new friendships, and catalyze the sharing of research and practical experiences.

The forum aims to stimulate spirited and friendly discourse amongst participants from diverse international backgrounds and entrepreneurship and SME research fields. To align with the theme, we have curated a lineup of keynote speakers who will shed light on the future of entrepreneurship and the pivotal role of MSMEs in shaping our global society.

Please refer to the Forum website (www.geneveforum.org) for detailed information about the conference and the call for papers.

27.06 - 28.06