HES-SO students linked to Paléo Festival

Publié le 18.07.2022. Mis à jour le 25.07.2022.

Connect, disconnect, reconnect. This is the theme inspiring HES-SO students for this year’s Paléo Festival. As part of the festival's ambitious design, eight interdisciplinary projects will call the public to reflect on their relationship with others. For the first time in the 18 years of its partnership with Paléo, HES-SO will host performances by its arts students.

After two years without a festival, the 91 students involved in Paléo's HES-SO project have been working on the theme (Dis)Connected. Addressing themes everyone has experienced over the past two years, each project aims to create connection with the public, offering a variety of opportunities to reflect on our relationship with others and the world around us. Festival-goers can try the disconcerting experience of looking a stranger in the eye for almost two minutes, create their own music by drumming on fruit, and even participate in “speed-friending” to meet new people in record time.

Like every year, an interdisciplinary team from the Geneva School of Landscape, Engineering and Architecture (HEPIA) has developed and built a spectacular set design on the Asse plain. Nicknamed BeeConnected, this monumental weave of honeycomb structures is inspired by the world of beehives, calling to mind the theme of “connection, disconnection, reconnection", the common thread running through the whole.

New to Paléo: live performances by artists from HES-SO universities

For the first time this year, a stage will be set up at the heart of the festival’s design. Several times a day, it will host performances by students from universities in Music and Performing Arts at HES-SO: the Geneva University of Music (HEM-Geneva), the Geneva School of Music (HEMU), and La Manufacture, School of Performing Arts. The public will have the opportunity to experience performances by these high-flying artists, before they might one day perform on one of the festival’s main stages.

A partnership giving pride of place to innovation and interdisciplinary skills

In 2022, HES-SO is renewing its standing as Paléo Festival de Nyon's innovation partner for the 18th year. The partnership allows students from anywhere in French-speaking Switzerland to contribute their interdisciplinary skills to one common project. The festival acts as an open-air lab, offering students the unique opportunity have their work met by the eyes and questions of a very diverse group of festival-goers.