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MasterLife Sciences (MLS)

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Master of Science HES-SO in Life Sciences

Industrial Life Sciences

Applied Environmental and Natural Resources Sciences

Food, Consumer Health and Enology


The Master of Science HES-SO in Life Sciences is offered in cooperation with three other Swiss Universities of Applied Sciences, namely the: Berner Fachhochschule BFH, Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz FHNW, and Zürcher Fachhochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften ZHAW. This cooperation enables students to exchange their professional experiences and expand their personal networks. The curriculum is divided into
3 blocks:

  • Central modules related to Entrepreneurial Skills (3 x 4 ECTS credits; one-week blocks in Spiez) and to Advanced Life Science Skills
    (6 x 3 credits; in Bern, for 3 consecutive Thursdays and Fridays);
  • Specialisation Skills related to the particular majors (5 x 4 credits; each major module is 1 day either on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday and held in one semester); and the
  • Master’s project including the Research Proposal & Bibliography
    (4 credits), a major project (6 ECTS credits), and the Master’s Thesis itself (30 credits; full-time in the last semester).

Candidates may apply to enroll on a full- (3 semesters), or part-time
(5 semesters) basis. The fulltime schedule is presented below:

1st semester

Major modules

2nd semester

Major modules
3rd semester










Course organisation and fees
Professional prospects

Head of the Master Life Sciences
Dr Roger Marti

HES-SO Master
Avenue de Provence 6

CH-1007 Lausanne

T + 41 58 900 01 10

Les admissions 2016-2017
sont closes
Ouverture des admissions 2017-2018: mi-octobre 2016

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Délai d'inscription
  • Pour les personnes ayant 
    besoin d'un visa:
    15 mars 

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