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BachelorInternational Business Management

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Bachelor of Science HES-SO in International Business Management

The HES-SO Bachelor’s degree in International Business Management is strongly centred on the practical aspects of management in an international context.

This vocational programme is taught entirely in English. It includes the study of fundamental business management topics (Management, Leadership, Political economy, Marketing, Human resources management, Communication, Law, International accounting or Finance), while exploring the international dimensions of these subjects. A particular emphasis is put on the challenges of dealing with the various business stakeholders in a multinational and multicultural context.

The main specific objectives of the programme are to allow the students to acquire sound management and business administration skills, along with a good foundation in the areas of economics and law, from an international perspective, to be capable of managing innovation and implementing projects with an international dimension, and to incorporate the international dimension in the daily management of a company.

Major and minor elective courses in international subjects are offered in the final year, for instance in the fields of International Organisations Management, Business in Emerging Markets, or International Commodity Trading.

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