Establish a Data Management Plan

Jeudi 23 mars 2023

The course is intended for researchers, doctoral students, research advisors, librarians and, in general, anyone working with research data. The course is open to both external and internal HEI audiences. It will be given in English, and questions may be asked in French.

The day will be divided into two parts:

The first half-day will start with an introduction to the definition of Data Management Plans (DMPs), as well as an update on the emergence of DMP requests when funding is sought for research in Switzerland. In this context, the SNSF Open Research Data policy will be presented.

In a second step, the different parts of the DMPs sent to the SNSF will be discussed and exemplified:

  • Data collection and documentation.
  • Ethical, legal and security considerations.
  • Repository and preservation of data.
  • Data sharing and reuse.



Je 23.03