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Swiss Subsaharan Africa Migration (S-SAM): Fourth Call 2020

The fourth call of the S-SAM network is now open for late PhD and early postdoctoral researchers from Subsaharan Africa or from Switzerland.

On behalf of the Leading House for the Region Africa, the Swiss Subsaharan Africa Migration Network at Université de Neuchatel has launched a new call - the S-SAM Fourth Call 2020 - targeting late PhD and early postdoctoral researchers from sub-Saharan Africa or Switzerland. Within the large field of human migration, the S-SAM network is interested in projects concerning aspects of migration to Europe before migrants reach their destination.

You can contribute survey questions (no funding), apply for a small grant to develop a survey experiment, or apply for a small grant to analyse the survey. In any case, if chosen, you will be considered an S-SAM grantee. For the survey experiment grant (B), S-SAM can offer up to CHF 500 for the design and pre-testing of the survey experiment. For the survey analysis, S-SAM can offer up to CHF 1000 for analysis in November and December 2020, depending on the time you can invest. All applicants are encouraged to bring external funding (e.g. matching funds), but this is not a requirement.

Deadline for submissions: 4 September 2020.

Fieldwork: October 2020

Analysis: November and December 2020

Joint publication: 2021.

 Further information: http://www.unine.ch/sfm/home/formation/ssam.html

Application: https://neuchatel.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_9ulRPsbrISMoJSJ



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