RadioBeam is a current radiopharmaceutical testing for Ion beam cancer therapy (IBCT) requires prohibitively expensive large accelerator systems and animal models.

The project will construct a proof of concept test system for brain tumour tissue models using co-cultured fluorescent -marked tumour- and normal cells.

The perfusion cell is based on a microfluidic circuit allowing diagnosis with in-situ fluorescence confocal microscopy) of neural cells. This will allow nutrient and pharmaceutical preparations to be introduced during irradiation.

Use of multi-cell type brain tissue cultures with low-energy (MeV) ion beam irradiation is an completely new and low-cost way for realistic studies of the neural cellular-level activity representative of the site of tumour eradication deep inside the patients brain.

This is inaccessible to both in-vivo studies and singlecell irradiation (where intercellular cell communication is limited).


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