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 Zolt Vecsernyés

Dr Zsolt Vecsernyés

Professor of Hydrology
Competences in numerical hydrology and flood routing, numerical and physical modeling of stream hydraulics sediment transport and driftwood management, numerical and physical modeling of inland water hydrodynamics. Urban hydrology and hydraulics. River revitalization


 Beat Oertli

Dr Beat Oertli

Professor of Aquatic Sciences
Competences in ecological assessments, in the monitoring of waterbodies, in freshwater biodiversity


 François Lefort

Dr François Lefort

Professor of genetics, plant breeding, phytopathology and microbiological control
Competences in genetics, biological control, phytopathology and biotechnology (in vitro cell culture, molecular diagnostics and profiling) for applications in life sciences


Emmanuel Lierdeman

Lecturer for agronomy and forestry: agro-ecology, livestock and pastoralism, agroforestry, complex systems, silvopastoralism, and forestry


 Pascal Boivin

Dr Pascal Boivin

Professor of Soil Science and Substrates
Soil physics, pedology, saline and sodic soils, irrigation, redox processes in soils, technosols for environmental and urban application


 Patrice Prunier

Patrice Prunier

Professor of botanic and plant ecology
Competences in botanic, plant ecology & restoration.


 Claude Fischer

Dr Claude Fischer

Professor of Zoology and Wildlife Management
Competences in ecology, management and monitoring of wildlife, as well as general & applied ecology.


Nicolas Delabays

Professor for the development and implementation of original and efficient agronomic solutions


 MLS Professor AFS NRM

Dr Andrea Finger-Stich

Lecturer of Social Sciences
Competences in social sciences, tourism in natural areas, ethic of environment, forestry


 Sophie Rochefort

Dr Sophie Rochefort

Professor in applied entomology
Competences in entomology (management of insect pests, insect-plant interactions), biodiversity, monitoring, and ecosystemic services by arthropods in urban and agricultural areas.


 Jean-François Rubin

Dr Jean-François Rubin

Professor in aquatic ecology
Competences in fish ecology and management, stream and lake ecosystems, environmental education, climate change impacts on waterbodies


 Pierre-André Frossard

Pierre-André Frossard

Professor in ecological restoration
Competences in restoration of streams and rivers, Bio-engineering, Technical framework and Execution of natural amenities


 Franck Cattaneo

Dr Franck Cattaneo

Professor in aquatic ecology
Competences in freshwater ecology (streams and rivers), management and conservation of fish populations, ecological connectivity, environmental flows


 Yves Hausser

Yves Hausser

Professor in Sustainable use of resources
Sustainable use of natural resources, management systems focusing on participatory approaches

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