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Overlooked aspects of diagnostic systems are the sample preparation and the control of cell and tissue microenvironment. The ideal diagnostic system prepares biofluids and analytes (filtration, preconcentration) prior to their interaction with biosensors ; it can bring nutrients to the cells and collect the metabolites as well as cytokines (communicating molecules between cells and organs) prior to the analysis of their reactions to the exposure to drugs or chemicals.

The controlled sourcing and draining of specific liquids to the cells is the task of membranes. These membranes could contain useful functionalities as well (e.g. conductive sites and selective material transport via pore sizes and surface energy).

On-chip dynamic feedback of the flow environnent is also an important aspect of medical devices. Very thin and flexible flow sensors integrated in a fluidic environement are a remarquable exemple of such systems. This project was dedicated to the exploration of novel membrane materials, novel ways for membrane fabrication, and novel ways for membranes integration. The possibility to integrate several sensing functions on the membrane material has been demonstrated as well.


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