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FreeNovation: 2021 call for proposals

A new call for proposals for FreeNovation, the funding program of the Novartis Research Foundation has been launched. FreeNovation provides funding opportunities for unconventional, radical projects that have the potential to open up novel research directions and aim beyond incremental innovation and discovery.

With this program, the Novartis Research Foundation wants to encourage unconventional thinking and further enhance the attractiveness of Switzerland as a research location.

To ensure that both unusual ideas as well as younger scientists without a research track-record have a place in this funding program, the selection process is anonymized: What counts is the originality of the research approach and its potential to achieve something new. Ideas that involve interdisciplinary research are encouraged. Results from preliminary studies are not a prerequisite. Scientific risk-taking is encouraged.

The topics this year are:

  • Lipid therapeutics and signaling
  • Collagen: Homeostasis and dysregulation in disease
  • Bacteria as drugs.

The Guidelines for Applicants and the topic descriptions for the 2021 call are available on the website of Novartis Switzerland. The deadline for submission of proposals is 17 April 2021.




Publié le 01.02.2021
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