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 Julien Ducruet
For its 10th anniversary we propose to bring Macrowine closer to its original topic, that is the understanding of the structure, evolution, role and physico-chemical interactions of vine and wine metabolites and macromolecules.

Focus will be given to the use of scientific tools, whereby fundamental knowledge serves applied research and development.


In order to cover all the wine elaboration steps we will focus on

  • viticulture (Life in the vineyard),
  • the analysis and chemistry of macromolecules and metabolites (Macromolecules and metabolites),
  • the winemaking processes (Process),
  • and the glass and sensory analysis (modulators of aroma and taste).

Thanks to your interest and your contributions to these four topics, Macrowine 2016 will become a unique platform for exchanges and interactions. We hope that these subjects together with the attractiveness of our region will convince you to participate in Macrowine 2016.

So if you like wine research but also mountains, lakes, chocolate, watches and if you want to make Macrowine 2016 an unforgettable event, you have to join us in Changins Switzerland!

Dr Julien Ducruet, Professor
HES⁠-⁠SO Rectorat
Route de Moutier 14
2800 - Delémont
T +41 58 900 00 00 - F +41 58 900 00 01
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