PhD supervision workshop: Methods and tools

Recherche Compétences de l'enseignant·e HES-SO 6. Accompagner les étudiant-es 21/06/2024

Public cible : Academic staff who supervise doctoral theses.

This intensive doctoral supervision workshop addresses the core challenges of PhD supervision, provides tools to overcome them and aims to help PhD supervisors become more flexible. This is done by engaging with themes from the research literature on doctoral education to enhance participants’ critical reflection on their own assumptions, values and practices of PhD supervision.

It can be specifically challenging to adapt the supervisory style to each new PhD candidate, align expectations and collaborate in the supervisory team.

Topics included in the workshop are:

  • Supervisor role and the relationship
  • How to promote motivation and independence
  • Aligning expectations with the PhD student
  • Collaboration and aligning expectations among supervisors
  • Active listening
  • Effective feedback

After the workshop participants can:

  • reflect on their own supervision practice in a more systematic way based on mental models and theories from the PhD supervision literature
  • apply tools and methods to align expectations, use active listening and provide constructive feedback
  • apply a broader repertoire of supervision practices based on inspiration from other supervisors’ experiences

The teaching format is based on participants’ active participation and combines presentations, plenary discussions, group work, individual exercises and a feedback game.


Mirjam Godskesen, PhD, independent consultant, teacher & researcher


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Durée 1 jour(s)
Date 21.06.2024
Horaire 09h00 - 17h00
Frais d'inscription HES-SOCHF 200.-
Hors HES⁠-⁠SOCHF 200.-
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