PhD student workshop: How to get the most out of your PhD

Recherche 28/09/2023

Public cible : PhD students

This intensive PhD workshop addresses the core challenges of the PhD study process and provides tools to overcome them. This is done by engaging with themes from the research literature on doctoral education to enhance participants’ critical reflection on their own relations and work practices. There is special focus on the collaboration with the whole supervisory team and aligning expectations regarding the supervisors’ roles and how feedback is provided. 

The PhD study can be a lonely process. Therefore, sharing experiences among participants is highly prioritised in the pedagogical format. 

Topics included in the workshop are: 

  •  Managing your supervisors (roles & relations)
  • Aligning expectations with your supervisory team
  • Realistic time management 
  • How to prioritize DEEP work
  • Effective feedback

After the workshops participants can:

  • reflect on own work practices and relations in a more systematic way based on theories and tools from the PhD process literature
  • apply tools and methods to develop productive and efficient work practices that support a focus on the scientific, deep, and challenging tasks of the PhD study
  • ask for the help they need from the PhD supervisor team and align expectations in a clear and constructive way

The teaching format is based on participants’ active participation and combines presentations, plenary discussions, group work, individual exercises and a feedback game.

This course does not count towards the "attestation didactique de la HES-SO".


Mirjam Godskesen, PhD, independent consultant, teacher & researcher; Andrea Heinz, PhD, Associate Professor & independent consultant


Haute école

HES-SO Master

Avenue de Provence 6

1007 Lausanne

plan d’accès
Durée 1 jour(s)
Date 28.09.2023
Horaire 09h00-16h00
Frais d'inscription HES-SOCHF 300.-
Hors HES⁠-⁠SOCHF 400.-
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