How to write an effective proposal narrative

Recherche 01/02/2023

Public cible : The main target group is researchers from any disciplinary field who want to write project applications efficiently and effectively.
Niveau : Pour toutes et tous

A project narrative defines the “what”, i.e., the project’s scope, and the “how” i.e., how the project will be executed. In most grant instruments, the funding agency provides a template defining the structure of the proposal. Applicants are supposed to follow the template because it provides a common structure that is important for the evaluation procedure. For our experience, it exists a “logic gap” between what researchers assume and what reviewers are looking for and it is often connected with the interpretation of the different components shaping the project narrative.

The course aims to help researcher to build up clear, concise, and precise project narrative in order to increase the chance to get funded. We focus on European funding instruments and transitional measures (for collaborative projects and career grants). However, the project narrative is a key element in all grants.

After the course you can:

  • Recognize the different building blocks of a proposal narrative.
  • Write S.M.A.R.T objectives
  • Distinguish between concept and methodology
  • Create a manageable workplan


The work proposed is organized into three parts. Parts 1 and 2 tackle the “What”, i.e., what is the project about, and its outcomes in terms of research results. While part 3 tackles the “How”, i.e., how to meet the project’s objectives. Each part alternate presentation, group work & feedback/discussion

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Evelina Breschi, responsable de l'unité et Clémence Roggo conseillère RaD, Fonds internationaux de recherche et d'innovation, agences spatiales & Bureau Euresearch

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