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Engineering & ArchitectureUSS - Urban Sun Skin

USS project proposes a complete method and tool to analyze solar radiation in built environment on horizontal surfaces, titled roofs and building facades.

It implements image processing techniques based on 2D vector-based data (building, roof footprints), 2.5D data (DSM, DTM) and 3D facade modelling. The tool was tested in pilot areas in Geneva and Lisbon and compared with the similar modelling tool SOL developed by the University of Lisbon (external partner of the project), PV-Syst and solar income measurements. Such comparisons showed few or explainable differences validating therefore the proposed USS tool. This project opens up many potential applications from the macro to the micro scale: urban solar cadaster of existing building facades in addition of roofs (urban areas with high potential like industries, offices buildings, etc); at a middle scale, modelling shadowing scenes and solar irradiation at the level of a group of buildings and open spaces, in order to improve thermal comfort during summer; at the level of building, support for installing PV solar panels with the best suitable technologies considering the output data coming from the USS tool.


Gilles Desthieux

HES⁠-⁠SO Rectorate
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