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Student Associations

There are several organisations involved in coordination and cooperation in higher education at the national and international levels.

The Réunion des étudiants de la HES-SO REH-SO is the umbrella association for the University of Applied Sciences. Founded in 2008, its goals are to participate in educational policy, to improve the conditions of student life, and to build up and maintain student and alumni associations.

At the national level, the REH-SO has put forth its candidacy for the National Union of Students of Switzerland VSS-UNES-USU, which coordinates members’ claims and participates in national and international commissions.

Its primary goals are democratisation and equal opportunities.
All HES-SO student associations are organised by department specialisation in the Bachelor’s section.

Points to remember:

Associations are important because they enable:

  • More direct participation in the life of applied universities or programmes
  • Staying in contact with former students
  • Building of networks


A great amount of practical information about student life in Switzerland.

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