Research at HES-SO

More than 700 projects are current underway within the 72 institutes and departments making up HES-SO. The scientific and artistic research projects carried out here are often conducted in partnership with regional organisations, and the results of our work are used directly by companies, the health sector, social and cultural organisations, government entities and even civil society.

Our research has both a national and international reach and is constantly being adapted to keep pace with new practices. Our projects are increasingly supported by competitive funding from Innosuisse, the Swiss National Research Foundation and the EU's Horizon 2020 Programme.

Applied research

The applied R&D conducted at HES-SO keeps up with professional practices and contributes considerably to technological, cultural and societal innovation and value creation.

By collaborating with local businesses, we can ensure that we develop innovative solutions that are useful for the local economy. And the studies we carry out in partnership with government agencies ensure that public policy is built on solid scientific foundations. We also work with the health sector and social and cultural organisations on projects that help them to evolve in a dynamic and creative manner.

Open to society

Through our open science strategy, we ensure that the knowledge we create is shared with others by making our data and publications accessible. Most of our research projects also involve non-academic partners, and we engage in citizen science.

Cross-cutting research

HES-SO covers six fields of research: design and visual arts, economics and services, engineering and architecture, music and performing arts, health care, and social work. Our research is increasingly at the intersection of numerous fields, addressing global issues using diverse methodologies. The findings from each of our regional sites – Bern-Jura-Neuchâtel, Fribourg, Geneva, Vaud and Valais – are shared across our entire network.

From research to teaching

Our research also enhances the teaching conducted within HES-SO. It helps us to train responsible and autonomous professionals who take a reflexive approach to their work and have the capacity to constantly enhance their skills.

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