Recognition of foreign degrees for admission to the HES-SO at the Bachelor’s degree level

For foreign degrees, the basic condition underlying all admissions to HES studies is to be able to prove a minimum of one year’s professional experience in a field relevant to the chosen study stream, with an exception for the field of Visual Arts.

In principle, admissions are done on the basis of an entrance exam for students with a proven prior education abroad, along with a level II secondary school diploma of at least 3 years’ duration.

In principle, admissions are done without an entrance exam for students who have earned, through a proven prior education abroad, a diploma equivalent to a Swiss baccalaureate (maturité) or a cantonal-level diploma recognized by the Swiss Confederation. The HES-SO is the competent authority for determining if a general baccalaureate (maturité gymnasiale) is equivalent to a Swiss baccalaureate.

Admission to study programmes at the Universities of Applied Sciences (HES) and the recognition of foreign degrees is subject to recommendations of the Rectors’ Conference of the Swiss Universities of Applied Sciences (KFH).

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