Leading House Asia and FHNW Writing Workshop

Recherche Thursday 26 October 2023

Leading House Asia and FHNW jointly organise a Writing Workshop, specifically designed for the researchers from Universities of applied sciences and of teacher education, to help them prepare a successful application to one of their calls.

Researchers of Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) and Universities of Teacher Education (UTE) are invited to a writing workshop jointly organized by the FHNW and the Leading House Asia (LH Asia). This event is specifically targeted at researchers currently applying to LH Asia funding, whether it is in the framework of a new or existing research collaboration with research partners in East or Southeast Asia.

Via small exercises and case reviews, you will receive insights on what contributes to a successful project application and how to write convincing high-quality proposals. A former successful grantee will also share his practical experience getting his research funded by a LH Asia grant.

Cost and number of attendees: Free of charge, maximum 25 people

Please check the website of LH Asia for the full program and registration form.

This workshop is organised by the LH Asia (ETH Zurich) and by FHNW.

Th 26.10

14.00-17.45 at FHNW Olten