European Master of Science in Midwifery
Master européen en Sciences Sages-Femmes


The programme offers midwives the chance to gain internationally accepted and accredited additional skills.

These will qualify them for leadership positions in midwifery research, education and practice. This programme offers midwives opportunities to strengthen their personal and professional competencies and to undertake further study in such areas as clinical research, modern management methods and recent teaching and learning strategies.


ECTS Credits

The ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) is an acquired knowledge recognition system which offers the opportunity to transfer and accumulate credits. One credit represents approximatively 30 hours of student work.

Study load

120 credits ECTS are required to achieve this programme. Each credit represents a workload of around 30 hours. For example, one 7.5 credits ECTS module, requires between 15 and 20 hours of work per week for 10 weeks. Students will be assessed individually with the credit required being determined at the start of the programme.

The required amount of ECTS may be reduced, based on recognition of prior learning (e.g a degree based on a 4-year Bachelor programme in Midwifery or post-graduate continuing education credited in ECTS). A request for recognition of prior learning can be done at the registering university.

The online programme allows students to organise their study with much autonomy and according to their needs and diverse responsabilities. Nevertheless, weekly skype sessions with fellow students or lecturers are necessary, as the pedagogic approach largely relies on a collaborative teamwork.

Educational approaches/ Assessement

The European MSc in Midwifery is based on modern teaching and learning strategies which require a high level of personal student responsibility. Easy access to learning and teaching materials will be available through the use of blended learning by each institution.

The teaching and the assignments will be carried out in English with a few exceptions exceptions (in some modules assignments can also be done in German, Netherlands or French).  


This is a modular programme. A supervised Research Dissertation is submitted as the final assessment towards the award of MSc.

Catalogue of modules

The required 120 ECTS credits need to be acquired as follows:

60 ECTS from core modules:

60 ECTS from elective modules; at least 30 ECTS of them from midwifery specific modules:

  • Learning and teaching in midwifery education – Principles of Planning, Designing and Evaluating (8 ECTS - MMH)
  • Labour duration (8ECTS – MHH)
  • Advanced knowledge in obstetric and neonatal emergencies (8 ECTS – MMH)
  • Effective antenatal care (8ECTS – MHH)
  • Midwifery education- Principles of planning, designing and evaluating (8ECTS – MHH)
  • Diversity friendly midwifery (8ECTS – HES-SO)
  • Driving specialist development through contact learning (10ECTS – University of Hull)
  • Decision making in childbirth (10ECTS – University of Hull)
  • Strategy development and leadership: empowering midwives as autonomous professionals (7.5ECTS – Zuyd University Maastricht)
  • Public health and maternal and infant care (7.5ECTS – Zuyd University Maastricht)
For more details, you can see:
  • The catalogue of modules 2015-2016