Participation of HES-SO professors in the 7th EU-Framework

The FP7 is the European Union’s main programme for applied R&D, with a budget of 55 billion euros for 2007-2013.

The programme is organised around four pillars (cooperation, ideas, people, capacities) and two actions (Joint Research Centre, Euratom):

  • Capacities (4 billion euros)
    euros) Research infrastructures; research benefitting SME’s; knowledge regions and support for regional groups centred on research; the research potential of convergence regions; science in society; support for the coherent development of research policies; and international cooperation.
  • People (4.7 billion euros)
    Marie Curie Actions: Research projects; networks; individual grants; conferences; and infrastructures.
  • Ideas (7.5 billion euros)
    European Research Council (ERC), ERC grants.
  • Cooperation (32.4 billion euros)
    Research programme focussed on the following fields: Health, Nutrition; Agriculture and Fisheries; Biotechnology; Information and Communication Technology; Nanosciences; Nanotechnologies; Novel Production Technologies and Materials; Energy; Environment (including climate change); Transportation (including aeronautics); Socio-economic and Human Sciences; Space; Security; and “Coordination of research activities”.

These funds are allocated (in large part) in the form of subsidies accorded to those involved in research activities throughout Europe and elsewhere, in order to co-finance research, technological development, and demonstration projects. There is strong competition for these subsidies. They are granted on the basis of requests for proposals, and through an assessment procedure.




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