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As a partner of the Paleo innovation, the HES-SO has been present for the last ten years on its space at the festival site, where it has presented projects produced by students, in a playful and artistic manner, reflecting the fundamentals of their field of studies.

Over the last three years, Cyberlearn and students attending the Schools of Computing and Management at the HES-SO Valais-Wallis, had the opportunity to participate in this festive and free-spirited project.

To illustrate the concept of distance and enrichment of initial knowledge, Cyberlearn has presented several projects.


2012 Normapolis Projet I see 

The festival-goer presses on a button placed on a panel to see the end of a quote dealing with key concepts at the HES-SO (innovating, inventing, learning, teaching, understanding and creating). Ten meters further, the end of the quote is displayed in LED on industrial containers, 6 x 2.50 meter in size.


2013 Birdland Projet HoboLED

The festival-goer learns more about a mysterious language used by the American Hobos (tramps) to communicate among them. Some signs are displayed in LED some meters away from an observation platform. The festival-goers can see them through a peep-hole and can learn what they mean thanks to a multimedia animation.



2014 CaravanTour Projet CyberFlower

Going along the Flower Power spirit, the festival-goer lights a forest of LED flowers a few meters away by pedaling on an exercise bike.

Furthermore, he can enter the Cyberflower caravan, where two animations immerse him in the spirit of the 70s.


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