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NanHySol's objective is to demonstrate that PECVD (plasma enhanced CVD) is the ideal deposition process for nanostructured hematite films for the production of hydrogen via photo-electro-chemical (PEC) water splitting using direct sun light.

On laboratory scale, PEChouse (EPFL) showed that - using films of hematite (Fe2O3) as photo anode – proper doping, nanostructuring and high electronic conductivity are crucial for best performance of water splitting.

We aim to demonstrate that replacing the atmospheric pressure CVD by industrial PECVD offers best control of deposition conditions for optimized hematite layer properties.

The PECVD machines will be adapted for the optimum deposition regime including doping, hematite films will be deposited, and their semiconducting properties, structure and PEC performance for hydrogen production characterized.

The synergy of system engineering, plasma deposition, semiconductor technology and electrochemistry provides ideal conditions for this project.


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