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Assessing more efficiently the support needs in informal caregivers of persons with dementia, a mixed-method study of current practices and alternative solutions. Leading House: School of Health Sciences - Fribourg.
Leading House: School of Health Sciences - Fribourg.

Maintaining quality of care when facing a shortage of skilled health care professionals means optimizing the use of health care resources along with efficiently supporting informal caregivers (IC). This is essential to maintain their invaluable contribution while minimizing adverse consequences.

Our project aims to address this challenge by optimizing the efficacy of IC support needs assessment, focusing on dementia. We will firstly describe the current practices of diverse support providers in this regard, and secondly conceive an innovative online inter-professional tool to increase assessment efficacy.

We will use a participatory approach to maximize acceptability and implementation in the local context. The online tool will enhance quality in support needs assessment at minimal costs and foster the provision of need-driven and person-centered support. It will facilitate efficient communication and role clarification within the complex network typically supporting persons with dementia and their IC.


    Principal applicant Co-applicants
    • Isabelle Carrard, PhD, HEdS-GE
    • Sylvie Tetreault, PhD, EESP
    • Alexandre Cotting, MSc, HEdS-VS
    Other collaborators
    •  Iliuta, Anca, BSc (c), HEdS-FR
    • Stephanie Kipfer, MSc, HEdS-FR
    • Noémie Pasquier, MSc, HEdS-FR
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