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MasterSocial Work (MATS)

HES⁠-⁠SO - Thierry Parel

Degree awarded

Master of Arts HES⁠-⁠SO in Social Work


By completing a Master of Arts in Social Work, you will deepen your understanding of current social issues, become further acquainted with theoretical and methodological approaches, and improve your capacity for the analysis of interactions between:

  • social needs and social policies;
  • social policies and institutional arrangements;
  • institutional arrangements and interventions addressing social needs.

Curriculum with two options

Students must take four compulsory modules, four elective modules, a thematic research workshop (TRW) or a research internship and a Master’s thesis to graduate.

In terms of expertise, the options offered for the elective modules, TRWs, internships and the Master’s thesis relate to two professional profiles.

Option ‘Analysis of Fields and Dimensions of Social Work’


Option ‘Coordinating interventions and innovations in different social work fields’


Compulsory Modules

  • Intervention in social work
  • Comparing social policies
  • Social science research methods
  • Project methodologies: from the directive to the participatory

Elective modules

Four elective modules chosen from the following:

  • the interlinking of social relations
  • Aging issues and innovations in social work
  • social participation and disability
  • intervention research and assessments
  • welfare and changes in the world of work
  • social work and communication
  • social work summer school: new topic every year

Thematic Research Workshops or Research Internships

  • One workshop chosen from the following:
    • Social work, cultural diversity and citizenship
    • Death, end of life and social work
    • Social intervention project seeking to foster self-determination
      and empowerment
    • Project development
  • An internship with a research team

Master’s Thesis

Related to the chosen thematic workshop or internship

Course organisation and fees

ECTS Credits
3 semesters for full-time students. 4 to 6 semesters for part-time attendance
Registration fees
CHF 150
Individuals with no professional social work experience must complete an ‘accredited work experience’ in this area of a minimum of 20 weeks. This can be in any area of support, monitoring and caring for individuals with support needs (social, physical, mental, educational, financial, etc.) on an ongoing or temporary basis, in social work institutions or structures.
CHF 500 per semester (course tax)
CHF 250 per semester (contribution to study costs for specific services)
Bank details
The course begins in week 38

Professional prospects

MA-TS graduates are qualified for management-level positions in the public, semi-public and non-profit sectors. They are able to:

  • Develop and manage innovative projects and conduct reforms;
  • Carry out needs assessments and prospective studies
  • Conduct feasibility studies for intervention projects
  • Work in the research and teaching fields at the tertiary education level
  • Implement communications strategies within social work or in the public sphere

Sophie Tapparel
Responsable du Master en Travail social
HES⁠-⁠SO Master
Av. de Provence 6
CH-1007 Lausanne
T + 41 58 900 00 31

T + 41 58 900 00 02
/ Accès

Important documents

picto pdf. Photo :   Programme des cours 2018-2019

picto pdf. Photo :   Cours UNIL pour Etudiantes et Etudiants MATS

picto pdf. Photo :   Brochure Master en Travail social

picto pdf. Photo :   Foire aux questions MATS



  • April 30, 2020
  • For all candidates who need a visa: March 15, 2020.
    After this date, only complete applications will be considered.

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