MasterNursing Sciences (MScSI)

Degree awarded

Master of Science (MSc) in Nursing Sciences


The University of Lausanne (UNIL) and the HES-SO  University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland are offering a joint Master of Science (MSc) in Nursing Sciences.

The MScSI programme is placed unter the aegis of the Institute of higher education and nursing research (IUFRS), in the Faculty of Biology and Medicine of the Lausanne.

Description of the modules

The first three modules are made up of compulsory teaching corresponding to a total of 50 ECTS credits. Module I covers the foundations of the nursing discipline. Module II presents the scientific methodology and tools. Module III deals with the fundamental aspects and organisation of advanced practice.

Module IV, providing 10 ECTS credits, is made up from a choice of study options. Finally, module V consists of completing a Master's thesis equivalent to 30 ECTS credits.

Course organisation and fees

ECTS Credits
2 years - 4 semesters
French and English
Registration fees
Candidates who hold a diploma from a Swiss university or college do not pay a registration fee; candidates who hold a diploma from a foreign university or college must pay a fee of CHF 200
CHF 580 per semester with identical terms and conditions to those of the UNIL (University of Lausanne)
Bank details
The study programme begins in calendar week 38

Professional prospects

The objective of this Master's degree course is to train future graduates to play an expert role in optimising care quality and patient safety, and in guaranteeing the efficient use of resources. They will be the first choice as partners for interdisciplinary work in patient care and health promotion.

The specific skills they acquire will enable these new health professionals to play a pivotal role in care organisations, ensuring the ongoing revision of nursing practices. They will contribute to organisational changes and any necessary developments in the health system.

The career prospects open to future graduates therefore vary widely: public or private health institutions (hospitals, medical care establishments, home care, etc.), organisations within the health system, teaching of nursing sciences and nursing care, academic research.


T +41 21 314 58 15


Formulaire d'inscription



Automne 2019
Janvier au 30 avril 2019.

Délai pour les candidats devant obtenir un visa: 28 février 2019.

Printemps 2020

Juillet au 30 novembre 2019.

Délai pour les candidats devant obtenir un visa: 30 septembre 2019.


 Accréditation OAQ MScSI EN

HES-SO Rectorate
Route de Moutier 14
2800 - Delémont
T +41 58 900 00 00 - F +41 58 900 00 01
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