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Management of Information Systems (MIS)

Concept of the major (63 ECTS)

Business success now depends more than ever on digital skills. The role of MIS experts is to make sure that a company's information system supports its strategy and is instrumental in the company's transformation. In order to carry out this role, they need to understand the responsibilities of the various players in the organisation, and how they each do their job, and then help them to take advantage of new technologies for improved business performance. They identify technological innovations that will help the organisation to service its clients more effectively and stand out from the competition. This requires technical know-how and management skills.  

Why take this major?

"Artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, blockchain technology, or even the internet of things are some of the most innovative applications in the digital revolution we have been experiencing over the last ten years. If they are to be used successfully, we need to understand how they work and how they may evolve in the future. In an increasingly complex world, companies are seeing a growing need for managers with this type of expertise. Graduates in 2020 will have to rise to the challenges presented by these new ecosystems, and take the opportunities they offer. They will also need to know how to use them to create greater value within businesses. Every corner of the economy is involved in this digital revolution, which means that all professional spheres are concerned. You are Digital Natives, so share your skills with companies and with society itself: be a player for change!"

Florian Evéquoz, head of this major.

In specific Management of Information Systems fields, students learn to...

  • recommend and implement innovative solutions that transform how their colleagues work, and bring new opportunities for clients
  • use IS to enhance their organisation's competitive advantage
  • improve their understanding of how problems occur and how to identify solutions based on the latest technologies
  • explain the reasons for change to all employees

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This major involves training students in two skills areas: Technical knowledge on technological and digital tools, and management knowledge. The course is open to holders of a Bachelor's degree in business economics or business information technology. This diversity within the classes develops future graduates' ability to work in multidisciplinary teams.

Students with a more technical background will learn how to integrate their knowledge into a business strategy, while students with the profile of economists will acquire the expertise they need to interact with developers or data scientists. All students will enhance their ability to take advantage of IS to gain a competitive edge.


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for foreign students 


  • Registration 2020 will open in
    December 2019.
For all candidates who need a visa: March 15, 2020.
After this date, only complete applications will be considered.


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