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Integrating Family Caregivers’ Involvement in Care Measures to Prevent Delirium in Older Persons Hospitalised for Orthopaedic Surgery. Leading House: School of Nursing la Santé La Source.

A significant number of older persons hospitalized in orthopaedic surgery units are at risk of suddenly suffering from a delirium. This syndrome, whose symptoms can vary and are most often temporary, can be caused by a number of varying factors which can have significant consequences on the patient’s cognitive and functional state. The delirium can affect the patient’s life expectancy, plans for discharge, the actual length of their hospital stay, as well as the health of family caregivers.

There are several non-pharmacological interventions which can contribute in the prevention of delirium and can be put in place by nurses in partnership with the family’s caregivers of these hospitalized older persons.

The proposed project’s goal is to understand how family caregivers can be integrated and involved in measures to prevent delirium in older persons hospitalised in the orthopaedic surgery units in two of French-speaking Switzerland’s acute care hospitals. In the context of a shortage of nurses and the ever increasing demand for care, it is essential to explore how the different stakeholders can position themselves to integrate family caregivers into care solutions which prevent delirium in hospitalized older persons.

The results of the study will allow for the design and evaluation of models of care which promote partnership with family caregivers while ensuring and maintaining a high level of quality of care.


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