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Melanoma is a public health problem with a tendency towards increase in the recent years. Early detection allows for successful treatment in 90% of the cases. This project aims to provide an early screening tool of type POC (near to the patient, cheap and mobile).

Based on an image processing technique, the peculiarity of the technique proposed here, is to get eight successive images of the skin, each one of a different degree of "depth". Thus, the dermascope is capable to see "more" than the eyes of a dermatologist and offers a real added value to the current techniques.

The collected data is then transferred to the cloud for analysis, which also includes a use of GPU. The subject then receives a notification of the results from the analysis on its smartphone.

The biggest innovation of this project is the development of a multispectral dermascope. Eight different wavelengths, which are subtly chosen, allow a thorough vision under the skin. The first series of tests were already performed by a private dermatologist. 


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