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Grants, allowances and student loans

All students are eligible for certain types of financial aid, regardless of their canton of residence. Others are specific to the canton or related to the field of study.

The conditions for qualifying for financial aid vary; it is best to inquire about these directly with the relevant organisations.
The list below is not exhaustive.

Public financial aid

At federal level:

At international level:

At cantonal level:

Specific grants

The Swiss Confederation offers grants in Swiss universities and arts scholarships.

These grants are only offered to students from certain countries and are not available for studies undertaken while employed, part-time studies or distance learning.

Private financial aid

  • Pestalozzi Foundation
  • Hirschmann Foundation - Master’s HES degree grants
    The Hirschmann Scholarships support students who have achieved excellent results during their studies, and who wish to extend their studies with an HES-recognised Masters. Candidates who demonstrate strong personal social commitments are preferred. reconnue. Les candidats faisant preuve d’un engagement social personnel en dehors des études sont favorisés par ces bourses.
  • Fondation Egger-Göldlin
    Assistance with grants for polymechanics pursuing higher education within an HES (Hautes écoles spécialisées de Suisse - University of Applied Sciences, Western Switzerland)
  • Fondation suisse d'études


Important: The grant or loan application process is usually a lengthy process, so it is best to begin as soon as possible.

  • Grants are financial awards without repayment.
  • Loans offer financial support for training and are repaid in regular instalments following completion of the programme.
  • Student allowances offer financial aid that is allocated based on family revenue.
  • There are also possibilities for the exemption or reimbursement of tuition expenses corresponding to financial aid for students receiving a student allowance or pursuing studies outside their home canton.
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