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FreeNovation Applicants 2017

FreeNovation provides funding opportunities for innovative, substantial-risk projects that have the potential to open up novel research directions and aim beyond incremental innovation and discovery.

Projects should be relevant to biomedical research with an ultimate aim to provide an innovative healthcare solution for patients.
In the current call for submissions, proposals addressing scientific questions in the following broadly defined areas will be accepted:
-Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials
-Targeted Drug Delivery
-Drug Design

Proposals need to be particularly original and hard to fund by conventional funding programs due to the “unorthodox” character of the idea or absence of a long-standing academic reputation held by the researchers.

The following criterion will not be considered:
Scientific track record of the applicant. Reviewers will not see the CVs; the project evaluation will be anonymous.

The submission deadline is 15th April, 2017

Guidelines: Lien
General information: lien
Submit your proposal: lien
If you have any questions, contact:


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