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In case of fever, the main question is to determine whether it is necessary to prescribe antibiotics, i.e. whether there is a bacterial infection. Nowadays, the nature of the infection is diagnosed using a diagnostic test for the biomarker CRP (C reactive protein) at the treating doctor’s office using compact benchtop instruments. However these devices cannot be applied for measurements on the field, for instance at a patient’s home or at remote locations such as in some African countries. Moreover, recent studies have demonstrated that it would be beneficial to measure additional biomarkers to CRP to improve the selectivity of the test, in particular in case of pneumonia.

This project aims at providing a novel portable in vitro diagnostics test to quantify multiple biomarkers of inflammation at the point-of-care.

The test consists of a strip made of paper membranes enabling blood filtration and serum transfer to micro-chambers containing supramolecular biosensors that transduce the presence of specific biomarkers into the modulation of an optical signal.

A fluorescence reader enables quantification of the different biomarkers.

These novel tests could be generically applied for point-of-care testing of various diseases and illnesses.


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