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Engineering & ArchitectureChemical Development and Production (CDP)

The HES⁠-⁠SO offers in Fribourg (School of Engineering and Architecture Fribourg) a Master Research Unit with core competences in chemistry, chemical process research and development up to the production of kg-quantities of complex small molecules.

Its team develops efficient and robust syntheses of given molecules respecting economic and ecologic aspects. This includes thorough analytical work (e.g. off-line and on-line in-process control; product characterisation), physico-chemical process characterisation regarding safety and kinetics, synthetic work (route finding, route enabling and optimisation), and engineering aspects (e.g. reaction engineering, separation and purification technologies, intelligent process automation).

The student can choose with his advisor one of these chemistry fields for his Master Thesis Project.


Master graduates will be able to:

  • Enable and optimise synthetic protocols stemming from the research lab. They possess the ability to search and evaluate new and alternative synthetic pathways including catalysis and green chemistry in a vision of sustainability.
  • Evaluate safety aspects of chemical processes and products.
  • Understand and apply chemical analytics (off-line, at-line, or on-line), data treatment with chemometric methodologies.
  • Optimize synthetic routes by automated experimentation based on statistical design.
  • Use and develop methodologies for industrial scale-up of reactions and purification processes.
  • Establish standard operation procedures, risk analysis, and cost analysis taking in account regulatory aspects.
  • Design and implement a chemical production unit by integrating automation and process control.
  • Plan and supervise production campaigns.

Major modules

The Chemical Development & Production major provides five courses in the field of chemistry and chemical development. All courses are taught at the School of Engineering and Architecture Fribourg.

Module Name (PDF) ECTS Semester
S01 - Process Chemistry and Development, (PDF)
4 Autumn
S03 - Process design and Optimization, (PDF)
4 Spring
S04 - Chemical Engineering & Process Intensification, (PDF) 4 Autumn
S05 - Safety, Production and Quality, (PDF) 4 Autumn
S22 - Analytics and Characterization,(PDF) 4 Spring

The specialization of Chemical Development & Production is a member of the cluster "Chemistry" of the MSLS cooperation, this cluster offers five cluster-specific modules. Out of the five cluster-specific modules, at least three have to be completed.

Cluster-specific Modules "Chemistry" ECTS Location
C1 - Materials Science


C2 - Surface Characterisation
3 Olten


C3 - Polymers and Applications

Autumn, block week

C4 - Green Chemistry  
3 Olten


C5 - Chemistry and Energy
3 Olten


The module descriptions of the cluster-specific modules “Chemistry” are available on

Recent Master Theses


Marc Armand Emery

Reduction of odor emissions from livestock housing



Kilian Zufferey

Process development of a Heck reaction and its Catalyst



Remo Meyrat

Icephobic treatment of glass surfaces
Advisor: Pierre Brodard
Expert: F. Cuoco, Puliarte


Jonathan Colliard

Optimization of bromine recovery process

Advisor: Ennio Vanoli
Expert: Bernhard Urwyler, Syngenta

Tamara Ingold-Wyss

Automated Optimization in Flow Chemistry

Advisor: Roger Marti

Expert: Ch. Schneider, Lonza



Amélie Burgdorfer

Synthesis of gold nanoparticles in a continuous-flow microreactor: a step towards upscalable modular production
Advisor: Thierry Chappuis
Expert: A. Fink, Adolph Merckle Institut/University of Fribourg

Emilie Gremaud

Participation in the start-up of a new large-scale biological manufacturing facility
Advisor: Michal Dabros
Expert: Carmen Jungo-Rhême, UCB Pharma (Bulle)

    Student testimony

    “The Master’s programme has helped me expand my knowledge of chemistry, especially in the field of chemical process development and production as well as acquire new skills in project management.
    I am currently working on a large research project at the HES⁠-⁠SO.

    The working methods and systematic approach I learned during my studies have given me the tools to manage the project and to coordinate the work of several partners throughout the Suisse romande. In addition, working with state-of-the art equipment from micro-reactors to 250L reactors, thermal analysis, and NMR enabled me to enlarge my
    experience in various fields of chemistry.

    Looking back, I am convinced that completing the MLS programme was a good choice.”


     Pauline Sanglard    

    Pauline Sanglard
    Major Chemical Development & Production

     Christophe Allemann

    Dr. Christophe Allemann

    Lecturer of Process Chemistry since 2013
    Competences in process development and process optimization, industrial chemistry, flow chemistry, catalysis and physical organic chemistry


    Dr. Jean-Pascal Bourgeois

    Lecturer of Analytical Chemistry since 2009

    Competences in analytical science, organic and inorganic supra molecular chemistry, environmental chemistry


    Dr. Pierre Brodard

    Lecturer of Physical Chemistry since 2012

    Competences in reaction mechanisms, thermodynamic and kinetic safety of reactions, optical spectroscopy


    Dr. Thierry Chappuis

    Lecturer of Chemical Engineering since 2008
    Competences in Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering, chemical reaction engineering, process modeling, PAT, nanoparticle synthesis 


    Dr. Michal Dabros

    Lecturer of Chemical Engineering since 2010
    Competences in Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering, Process modeling, monitoring, control and optimization, and Process Analytical Technology (PAT)


    Dr. Olimpia Mamula Steiner

    Lecturer of Organic Chemistry since 2010
    Competences in organic and inorganic synthesis, metallasupramolecular chemistry, coordination compounds with d and f metals, (nano) catalysis, and tribology


    Dr. Roger Marti

    Lecturer of Organic Chemistry & Process Chemistry since 2009

    Competences in synthesis & process research, chiral catalysis, new synthesis technologies (micro reactors & solid phase synthesis), and molecules for applications in life sciences


     MLS Olivier Nicolet

    Dr. Olivier Nicolet

    Lecturer of Physical Chemistry since 2016

    Competences in thermodynamic, kinetic, optical spectroscopy and physical characterization of food


    Dr. Ennio Vanoli

    Lecturer of Industrial Chemistry since 1998
    Competences in process engineering, optimization and development of chemical reactions


     Olivier Vorlet

    Olivier Vorlet

    Lecturer of Automation since 1999
    Competences in process automation, process control and instrumentation

    Graduate List



    Baudois Sylvie Advanced oxidation process study for industrial wastewater treatment
    Bron Sébastien OptiPath: State-evaluation and optimal operation of batch distillation columns
    Emery Marc Armand Reduction of odor emissions from livestock housing
    Morand Fabien Continuous reactors: the right way to scale-up photochemical reactions ?
    Spörri Aurore Synthesis of carbon nanodots from waste and their applications
    Unterhofer Samuel Corey-Bakshi-Shibata Reduction in Flow - From Lab to Production
    Waser Jonathan Recovery of coffee grounds by extraction of natural oils
    Zufferey Denis Pierre Management of wine gases using membrane contactor


    Agrebi Selim Test of Novel «Fouling-free» Micro Reactors Systems in an Industrial Setting
    Almeida Ribeiro Salomé Sofia Luis Synthesis of trifluoromethylated heterocycles
    Edzoa Ndoh Silvain Chabulin Extraction du limonène des peaux d’oranges
    Giordano Francesco Salvatore Antonino Calorimetry on an industrial scale
    Horvath Yann Different Approches to Fed-Batch Bioprocess Implementation
    Jacquérioz Loïc A DSC and Raman Hyphenation
    Marti Fabienne Gestion des problèmes de blocage de microréacteur lors de la synthèse de nanoparticules
    Martinez de la Rosa Jacobo Josué Process Optimization through Multivariate Analysis
    Mongbanziama Yvan Carbonylation of benzylic alcohols using flow chemistry
    Piccand Miguel Optimisation de la qualité‚ de glace des patinoires
    Salihu Isuf Analysis of micropollutants in microplastics collected in marine and lacustrine environments
    Schaerer Laurane Photochromic Ink Based on Plasmon Resonance of Silver Nanoparticles
    Tkaya Ahmed Bioresorbable polymers for a medical device
    Wohlhauser Tobie Design of new molecular magnetic materials involving new 4-benzimidazole-1,2,3,5-dithiadiazolyl paramagnetic ligand
    Zufferey Killian Process development of a Heck reaction and its Catalyst


    Caldi Jonathan Scale up route for industrial production of copper nanoparticles using micro reactor
    Despland Romain Bernard The implementation of processes and tools for managing a pilot chemical production line applied to the synthesis of aryl alkyl ether compounds
    Genasci Giorgio Diaminotriazole as Building Block for API Synthesis
    Guerry Gabriel Photochromic Dyes for Printing
    Meyrat Rémo André Icephobic Treatment of Glass Surfaces
    Poretti Mattia Minimizing critical impurities in fmoc-Amino Acid Derivatives


    Colliard Jonathan Optimization of bromine recovery process
    Grandgirard Cédric Screening and optimization of parameters influencing the distillation-precipitation process of polyolefins
    Pappas André Charles Development of a process of micro lenses using Rolic photo alignment technology
    Rubath Alexandre Starch derivatives used in drug delivery
    Wyss Tamara Livia Automated Optimization in Flow Chemistry


    Burgdorfer Amélie Synthesis of gold nanoparticules in a continuousflow microreactor : a step towards upscalable modular production
    Geinoz Jérémie Graphite oxide electrical characterization in super and Li-ions capacitors
    Gremaud Emilie Participation to the start-up of a new large scale biological manufacturing facility
    Klopfenstein Megan Extraction de substance(s) active(s) contenue(s) dans les racines d'ortie (Urtica Dioica) pour une utilisation dans le domaine phytosanitaire
    Laporte Christophe Scale-up studies of cysteine amide derivates


    Chun Sothys Synthesis of functional Poly(lactic acid)
    Dupasquier Nicolas PEG-Conjugated Drugs for slow release systems
    Kilcher Elia Study of a chiral organocatalytic mannich reaction providing B2-amino acid in the multigram scale
    Salvi Jérémy Intelligent System reactor, processing optimization based on model predictive control


    Ballaman Frédéric Automatisation de microréacteurs permettant un screening de réactions
    Bretz David-Xavier Nanostructures via Electroplating
    Roch Mathieu Intelligent automation of a microreactor
    Sanglard Pauline PLA synthesis and applications
    Sommerhalder Reto Continuous silica coating of hematite nano particles


    Meyer Daniel Synthesis of Fmoc-b2-homo-Serine and –Threonine by Chiral Organocatalytic Mannich Reaction
    Meyer Sacha Alternative Green Solvent in Synthesis
    Stalder Benoît Automatic Processes optimization using Microreactor and infrared Spectroscopy


    Head of the Master Life Sciences
    Urban Frey
    HES⁠-⁠SO Master
    Avenue de Provence 6
    CH-1007 Lausanne
    T + 41 58 900 00 02


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    CDP Contact

    Dr Olivier Nicolet
    School of Engineering
    and Architecture Fribourg

    Boulevard de Pérolles 80
    Case postale 32
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    T +41 26 429 67 05



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